Coaching Cards for New Parents

These are another of the prizes on my fab 5k giveaway.

These Coaching Cards were created to encourage honest conversation about the experience of being a new parent, the cards contain 50 thoughtful coaching questions designed to help new mums and dads to focus on their own well-being, reflect on their parenting journey so far and give some thought to plans for the future.



These cards are a great way to get new parents talking to each other properly. So much slides when you first have a baby – sleep, sex, even talking. I was so exhausted I could barely function. I felt alienated and unhappy for so much of those first few months, cut off from everything I had known before, wanting to be anywhere but where I was. I’m not saying something like this would have been a magic wand, but when it comes to really talking to each other, props can be a godsend.

There are 50 cards in the packs, you could spread them out or do them all in one go I’d imagine.


The pack comes with a guide, and suggest using them time and again to reconnect and affirm how you feel about each other and your family, and to keep you on the track you imagined.


I do wish we’d had something like this in the early days of our family. I think they would be a fantastic gift to a new family.

Here were some of my favourite questions – how might you answer them?




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