Cognitoy Dino Interactive Toy Review

We were sent an all singing all dancing interactive Cognitoy Dino a few weeks ago. It doesn’t actually dance, but it does sing. And joke, play games, tell stories and tell you riddles. It’s a brilliant toy for kids who love interactive games.

It comes with an impressive spiel: Adaptive internet-connected technology allows Dino to listen, speak and simultaneously evolve, learn and grow with its owner. By pressing Cognitoy Dino’s tummy, speech enabled technology allows your child to speak directly to it and ask thousands of questions to receive age-appropriate answers, give commands allowing the child to discover hidden talent, storytelling and even lets children generate their own stories and tell and listen to Knock Knock jokes! Children can create a unique personality for Dino that evolves over time based on the child’s level of interaction.

Dino can explore a childs’ favourite colours, favorite toys, interests and use these to customise the child’s relationship with the toy. Dino also has a personality of its own that changes over time as well as offering a number of custom modules that engage the child in educational play. These include rhyming, spelling, vocabulary, mathematics and much more. As the interaction increases so will the challenge of the educational content continuing to become more in-depth as the child learns.

Parents can also access the Cognitoys Parent Panel – a secure app dashboard that provides insight into how your child plays with Dino. The Panel can be used to view your child’s progress, manage your account settings and actively submit content suggestions.

Dino Cognitoy

Anyway: on to our review! Our Dino turned up, Rian was really excited – he loves it when we get toys to review. We attempted to do an unboxing video, but I ballsed it up so the less said the better. My first impressions though, were that there seemed to be a few glitches. It turned itself off a few times, and it struggled to understand what Rian was saying to it. It thought Rian was called Riot, which was extremely funny. Anyway, I wasn’t too impressed initially.

However, Rian stuck with it, and it seemed to fix itself and they were quite happily chatting away to each other and listening to stories. Because Dino is an American dinosaur (now named T-Rex, if you’re interested) he told us all about Thanksgiving, which was interesting. He also served up a good rendition of the Emperors’ New Clothes! Dino’s voice is so funny, it’s a bit like the Cookie Monster’s, but not so whacked on sugar.

The more T-Rex has been played with, the more we’ve got out of him. Rian spent ages playing a chance game involving mice looking for cheese in a mansion, it was clever and the boy loved it.

Cognitoy Dino

Dino also provides endless entertainment for slightly tipsy mothers a few gins to the good – we were cracking up at the terrible jokes and riddles it was coming out with. New favourite toy for Mummy AND Rian. If expense isn’t an issue – Dino is currently retailing for £91 on Amazon – then it’s a recommend from us for any gadget loving kids!


Disclaimer: We were sent a Cognitoy Dino to review. All opinions are my own as always. This post contains affiliate links which means if you decide to buy anything from them I get a few pennies (literally) to put toward running this site. 


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  1. This toy sounds absolutely incredibke and I reckon it’s well worth its £91 price tag. I adored my Furby when I was Rian’s age and I love how Dino is even more interactive and clever. Fab review thank you xx

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