DC Super Friends RC Mobile Command Centre Toy Review

Rian has been complaining recently that most of the things I have been reviewing for the blog recently have been for me. Ahem. (Gin and Tonic Cake, anyone?)  So, here’s his face when he came home and found a DC Super Friends RC Mobile Command Centre waiting for him!

DC Mobile Command Centre Review

Much to the disgust of the dog, he hasn’t really stopped playing with it since. It pretty much combines his two favourite things – remote controls and things that fling. This is pretty cool, as well as the usual remote control forward backward turn round malarkey, this one also has a projectile launcher!

When you press the middle button, the launcher rises, and the command centre opens to reveal a jail and the cockpit and then you can either press the launch button, or turn the power pad (where you can stand Batman) and the batwing zooms up into the sky (also much to the disgust of the dog)

Rian has been enjoying playing with this a lot. I imagine a littler kid will enjoy the catching the bad guy aspect of this toy, but Rian isn’t the most imaginative of children – instead he’s been setting up a target range and spending ages moving the vehicle backwards and forward to figure out the correct trajectory at which he’ll knock everything down with the Batwing.

DC Mobile Command Centre Review

I don’t usually like toys that make noises, but I actually really quite like this one because I love Batman’s gravelly voice saying “Prepare for launch” and what not. And as you can see from my exceptionally poor quality photo (thank you, winter evening lighting), this one also has lots of flashing lights, which makes it fun to play with when the lights are off. Very atmospheric.

It seems to be a pretty well put together and hardy toy, it could probably take some pretty rough treatment (which is good, as it’s suitable for ages 3+) and for something that moves, speaks, flashes AND launches things, it’s surprising un-annoying.  Usually I would have put something that combines any of the above let alone all in a cupboard by now. Must be that Batman voice…

If you like the look of this Imaginext RC Vehicle they are currently priced £69.99.  Great for any Batman obsessives (large and small!)

Disclaimer: We were sent this toy to review in exchange for an honest and impartial review. All words and opinions my own, as always.

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