Finally! RayBan Prescription Sunglasses Are Back!

I’m one of those lucky people with wonky eyeballs. My right eye has 20:20 vision, my left eye is the laziest mofo eyeball ever. It’s rubbish. Rolls all over the place like a drunk uncle at a wedding. A drunk uncle actually FELL on me at a wedding once. Stupid eyeball. Anyway – I don’t like contact lenses, so I suffer in the summer when it’s bright and I’m fussy about sunnies. So, I was SO HAPPY when an email landed in my inbox telling me that RayBans have started up their iconic prescription sunglasses again!

I love RayBans. My Mum and Dad wore nothing else in the 70’s – I just wish THEY hadn’t been as myopic as I am (only in both eyeballs) because then I could have nicked their vintage ones, but no. I needed my own. And now they are back! Currently they are exclusive to David Cluclow¬†opticians – which luckily are fairly legion! I went to the one in Covent Garden, which is right next to the station and all the good shopping. Ahem.

The service was really good – a full eye test and care check up, and a wide choice of frames from the RayBan collection (not just sunnies either – you can get your normal clear everyday lenses too) Not all of them can be made prescription, but the majority can. Joy! You also get lots of different types of shade to choose from for the lenses.

RayBan Prescription Sunglasses

After you choose your frames they get sent off for the magic to be worked – or in my case, for a lens to be popped out and geekified, then popped back in again. They came back in 5 days, just in time to be taken away on a thankfully very sunny holiday to Tenerife – perfect for some poolside posing! Note the exceptionally handsome posing from the boy…sigh…

RayBan Prescription Sunglasses

Currently David Cluclow has got the only RayBan Prescription Sunglasses service – they are rolling them out if it proves successful. So if you want to be ahead of the trend, and want the little ‘P’ on the logo (look closely!) then they are the place to go! I’m so pleased with mine. It was so great not to have to spend half an hour and 17 contact lenses each morning poking the Stupid Eyeball so I could wear my non-prescription sunnies. Just switch specs and go! Hurrah!

RayBan Prescription Sunglasses

This is a collaborative post РI received an eye test and a pair of RayBan Prescription Sunglasses in return for writing this post, but all words and opinions and sunglasses tan are entirely my own as always. 

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