Making New Year Resolutions Easy With Gousto

I spent Monday night eating lots of delicious things and learning how to make a cheats Bordelaise sauce. I’d been invited along by Gousto, a UK recipe box service, who are on a mission to help us keep our New Year resolutions in style. Their boxes are aiming to help you spend more time with your family, eat better and be adventurous with it.

We got to sample a Gousto recipe box last week – I deliberately chose things I knew I liked, but I also went for something I’d never cooked with or even eaten. Tofu! Yeah I know, everyone’s eaten tofu it’s not exactly adventurous – but for some reason, despite my varied diet, I’ve never actually tried it. Always been distracted by the meatier courses…ahem. Anyway, it was yummy – pleasantly surprised.

bowl of sticky tofu

Being adventurous with food is one of the resolutions Gousto is aiming to help with. They have 24 different recipes to choose from every week with deliveries every day so there’s no excuse not to mix up your dinners (25 recipes from next month). A definite effort has been made to make the recipes family friendly too – Rian loves to help me cook and the Red Pepper and Goats Cheese Orzo dish was a huge hit. Plus, there are lots of dairy free, gluten free and a whole Plant-based range of easy cook recipes so you can make it work for you.

boy in a red apron with a chefs hat grinning

Plant-based is one of Gousto’s new ranges, and if you want to cut down on meat, or if you are already veggie or vegan then it’s a great way of trying new things (and not ending up with 15 packets of assorted ingredients you might not need for other things, as you only get what you need!) You can try dishes like Curried Coconut Quinoa with Roasted Cauli & Kale and Harissa Hummus, Roasted Veg & Freekeh Salad – all the meals are balanced with carbs and proteins so you know you are hitting all the right health notes.

tofu samples

Another range is Boost & Balance which again, is a tasty and nutritious meal aiming to give you lean proteins like chicken and seafood, as well as two or more of your recommended five a day fruit and veg and balanced carbs like black rice and freekeh. Eat better to feel better!

plate of prawns and rice

The next range, which is coming out next month, is one I can’t wait to try having sampled one of the dishes the other night – Fine Dine In. These are all dinners based on gourmet classics that you can have at home – professional chef not required! We tried the Steak & Bordelaise Sauce, and it was absolutely divine – and cooked in about 15 minutes flat. Amazing. Getting to eat great food and spend more time with your family while you’re at it is a definite win in my house.

steak and sauce samples

Gousto is the most cost-effective of all the recipe boxes currently running too – their price per portion in its box of four meals for four people is £2.98 – £1.02 less per portion than its main competitor. They are also offering a discount code for new customers who want to try them – INF18A, at checkout, or you can just follow this link. That will get you 50% off your first two boxes.

*Disclaimer* This is a collaborative post but all thoughts and words are my own as always.

10 thoughts on “Making New Year Resolutions Easy With Gousto

  1. How interesting – I’d never heard of this kind of thing. Unfortunately my boys would never eat tofu or anything remotely healthy if it had any obvious vegetables in it! I do like the sound of the Fine Dine In though. 🙂

  2. Oooh yummy. I love trying new foods. We did win a Hello Fresh box in a competition once it it was such a great idea having all the ingredients for new meals. Sarah #ablogginggoodtime

  3. I’ve tried Gousto and the meals went well, unfortunately, at the time there was just enough to choose from for my fussy family eaters. I will have to take a fresh look.

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