How clean is your tap water? ZeroWater Filters

We’ve never had a water filter – I don’t think I’ve ever used one in any house I’ve lived in. The water has always tasted fine, and I suppose I’ve always trusted that it’s clean. So when ZeroWater wanted to send us a filter I only said yes as I’d not had one before and wondered what the fuss was about. Well!

The ZeroWater looks like a normal filter, but it has an extra nozzle on the handle so you can put it in the fridge with the handle facing out and press a button to release the water from the bottom without lifting it out, which is really handy when you have kids who aren’t strong enough to lift out the jug – they can just hold their cup underneath and press the button. I found it difficult to get the filter in, which was annoying, the seal has to be really tight, and it was difficult to catch it in the threads to screw it in. You have to be careful to screw it in tightly enough or it will leak tap water into your filtered water.

The ZeroWater also comes with a water tester! It slots into the top of the lid and you use it to test the water coming out of the filter – or your tap water! – to test its purity. Pure water will come out at 000 and there are levels that tell you just how contaminated your water levels are. I was really quite shocked and worried to see that our levels are pretty blimming manky. 

It turns out that our tap water is a yucky 350 – exceptionally high contaminant level. Bleurgh! The water from the filter tastes noticeably different – in fact it reminds me of the taste of the water up north, which I suppose makes sense as the water there is well filtered by the Pennines, unlike our filthy London slop clearly. So it’s unlikely our filter will last as long as it might in other places, but I’ll certainly be replacing ours regularly!

You can buy ZeroWater filters from the ZeroWater website for £39.99 should you be so interested – and there’s even a party trick to prove how good it is. You can pour a glass of red wine into the filter and it will come out as pure water! Obviously I didn’t do that – you’re supposed to turn water into wine, not the other way around!

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