Hugly & Friends – Review & Giveaway! 

Hugly and The Missing Carrots is a new kind of children’s book.

Not only is there a sweet adventure of discovery and cake (always good) but you get to join in on the adventure and cake too!

Hugly & Friends was started by two Dads who felt that as parents they were battling kids and technology and wanted a way to encourage them to get outside and understand more about nature and the world.

The book comes with carrot seeds that form part of the story and at the back of the book is a healthy carrot cake recipe. The recipe contains no eggs, butter or refined sugar. It looks delicious! The concept is easy – enjoy the book, and then enjoy planting and the benefits of growing veg yourself!

The book was just published on the 20th of June and already the Eden project want to stock it and the Dads have been on Vanessa Feltz’s Radio 2 program! I’m always up for supporting parent entrepreneurs, especially with such a great message to get across!

Rian really enjoyed the story, and was desperate to plant the seeds. He may in fact have been so excited he planted them without supervision, so I’m not sure we’ll actually get any carrots… It’s ok though, I have a cunning plan that involves distraction & carrots with tops…

I’m also doing a giveaway to support Hugly & Friends, with 5 free copies up for grabs! So if you want to join in the fun, get clicking below!



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