Hush Mattress Review – A Mattress In A Box!

I’ve seen loads of mattress reviews lately, I think there are a few blogger campaigns going on at the minute. Obviously mine is going to be a far classier review, with excellent pictures and video’s and general delight and…errr…well. Maybe not. Readers, I have had a massive fail on this one.

Let me tell you a little story. We recently moved house, and we inherited a kingsize bed frame with the house – so of course I was happy to be sent a Hush mattress to review. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I got a facebook message from another blogger in a panic, asking me if I had mine and if I had any pictures of it in it’s box. Initially I thought I was doing a different campaign/didn’t have any yet anyway, so I said no – and why?! Turns out said bloggers husband had really kindly, to save his wife a job, opened said mattress, made it up on the bed and binned the boxes. Whoops! A mattress isn’t really something you can package back up, especially one of these mattresses, which come shrunken and rolled up like a cigar.

Ours finally arrived and was left on the doorstep (I think the delivery men are to sensible to hang around and get roped into ‘helping’ with them – they are really heavy!) and we summarily dragged it in. I had to enlist the help of Mark, because it’s a two person job. I was the one carrying the scissors while Mark shoved the mattress up two flights of stairs. It was very tiring (and a little bit funny) just watching him with it.

We got it up stairs and out of the initial plastic roll, and I gave my camera to Mark to film me rolling it out and cutting the final layer to watch it poof up and become a real mattress! It was really fun actually, I was amazed at how much they had managed to squish it down – it blew up to three times its original size, it was brilliant.

Of course, this is where I should embed said video, the best bit of the mattress and the highlight of the review, with my super impressed grinning face. Only soon to be ex-Husband didn’t video it did he. He pointed the camera at me in an expert manner, but had entirely ignored my instruction to hold down the sodding button. There is no video. There is but a memory. So forgive me for having to use the brand tweet of how cool it is!

Anyway, said mattress has gone down (up?) very well in our house – it’s comfortable and cosy. It’s firm rather than soft, so I wouldn’t recommend it for those who like sleeping on pillows made of unicorn fluff but for sensible people who like a good nights kip on a proper mattress I’d give it a 5/5.

Find out more about Hush Mattresses online, either website or facebook!

10 thoughts on “Hush Mattress Review – A Mattress In A Box!

  1. Never work with children animals or erm husbands ha! Hopefully you’re enjoying the new mattress regardless 🙂

    Stevie x

  2. Yikes, I’m glad I’m Not your husband haha. Mattress sounds nice though, we are actually looking for a new one at the moment

  3. Oh dear this happens so often but it did make me giggle a little bit, I have tried getting my grandson (he’s 2) to take pics but he cuts my head off!. It does look like a great mattress though.

  4. Oh I love this review! It does sound like an excellent mattress and I need a mattress that is like unicorn fluff. I want one. Going to have a peruse of their website as my mattress is like a bed of nails!

  5. Well has hubby been allowed back in bed yet to try said mattress after his humongous fail?!! I remember seeing your post on Facebook about hubby failing to record the grand poofing of the mattress! I like this review because what I imagine in my head (including the best bit of unrecorded footage….The ‘I forgot to press the record button aftermath!!!)

  6. We recently got a new mattress that came rolled like this one – they’re so amazing aren’t they?! Shame about the video though 🙂

  7. What a great sounding mattress! Shame about the video. I’ve had similar blogger fails, like getting to an attraction that I’m reviewing to find my camera memory card is still in the side of my laptop at home! Doh!

  8. This is too funny! I know exactly how this feels except that my husband did it on our daughter’s piano recital! Good thing I got a bit of footage on my phone! LOL

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