Introducing the Bacon Express! Your New Favourite Gadget

I am a sucker for a gadget. Any sort of electric oojiwhatsit, opener, mixer – I just can’t resist. My kitchen is chocka with cooking helpers and I love them. The latest addition to my kitchen is the Bacon Express. Yes yes, I know – you can’t really cook anything more easily than bacon. Quick frizzle in the pan or under the grill and bob’s your uncle (or aunt).

BUT this one requires no oil, or tin foil, or any effort at all really. You preheat, slap on the bacon and boosh – perfectly crispy, non sitting in its fatty residue bacon in 8 minutes flat (I timed it)

So lets start with looks – pretty sleek, non? It’s slim so it fits in next to the toaster (convenient if you’re a weirdo who likes toasted bacon sarnies. Eurgh)

Bacon Express

The sides open out with the handles, and you can fit three slices of British cut bacon or 6 slices of that streaky American stuff over the hot plate inside. The dial is simple – turn to preheat and press, then once it’s beeped to tell you it’s ready, then you carefully pop the bacon on, shut the sides (use a teatowel to avoid accidental scorchio’s as it gets hot – this is one to keep out of reach of curious little fingers like you would with anything cooking wise. The sides get hot, apart from the handles)

Bacon Express

As you can see, the dial is super easy. You can choose how well you want to cook your bacon, turn it and press the button. Then let the sizzling begin! I was somewhat alarmed by the billowing smoke, but I quickly realised it’s not smoke that comes out – it’s the steam. Fire alarm friendly – unlike my pan or grill, which does often set the beepers off if the fat starts to smoke. All the water in the bacon steams right out, and all the fat slides down to be caught in the handy drip tray at the bottom.

Bacon Express


And of course the most important bit – how did the bacon come out? Well…see for yourself!

Bacon Express

Super crispy ends, nice juicy middle bits. Very tasty if I do say so my self.

So, is this a good gadget? Yes I’d say so – you can put your bacon on and not have to watch it like a hawk for one, and it comes out perfect every time. It’s more of a faff to clean than a pan or a grill, but only marginally because there is more than one piece rather than the single pan BUT those bits are dishwasher safe, so if you’ve got one then it’s easy peasy. Win!

You can currently only get one of these bad boys at Harts of Stur for £49.99 – bit pricey, but it’ll last and your bacon butties will be forever sublime. Your smoke alarm will probably thank you too.

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Bacon Express! Your New Favourite Gadget

  1. I was a vegetarian and then I had a hangover and Mr C cooked me a bacon sarnie and that was the end of me being a vegetarian. I’m so fickle. This looks like an amazing gadget and that bacon is so crispy. I WANT!

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