John Lewis Crafting Workshops

I almost expired from glee when an email popped into my account last week inviting me to  one of the new John Lewis Crafting Workshops (with prosecco!) at the flagship store on Oxford Street. I love anything crafty and while I’m not as clever as some, I do get a genuine pleasure from making things.

I actually took up knitting before Christmas last year, and made several snoods to inflict on my family (I’m yet to see any of the gits wearing them mind…I’m watching you…) but I only got as far as learning the basic knit stitch. So I was hoping to learn how to purl as well at the event – which I did! Hurrah!

John Lewis Crafting Workshops

The crafting classes are going to be starting up in the next couple of weeks and will draw on the cleverness of the staff working in the Haberdashery – world class knitters and crochet experts who want to help people learn new skills and improve on their existing ones. It was a real treat!

John Lewis Crafting Workshops

As well as the crafting workshop I got to drop into The Residence on the third floor, which is a really cool corner of the shop that John Lewis staff have set up to look like a flat full of their lovely stuff which you can look round. There are biscuits too!

I loved this desk!

John Lewis Crafting Workshops

And this little nook:

They change up the furniture every few weeks to keep things fresh and to keep adding to the inspiration zones. It’s great to see things in situ and to see what goes with what. I also got to see one of those clever new telly’s that look like a big print on the wall – genuinely does look like a picture! You could pretend you were one of those intellectual types that didn’t have a TV. Haha!

I had a lovely afternoon – if you can get to a workshop I thoroughly recommend them!


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