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A huge worry for parents in the digital ages is keeping our children safe any where near the internet. I let Rian play on the iPad and my phone, with games that I’ve downloaded for him, but quite often they direct him away from the app, either back to the app store or onto youtube which is slightly worrying. Apparently 60% of apps will do this, unless you pay to take out adverts and what not.

KidzinMind, who have asked me to review their app, claim to have an answer. KidzinMind is a collection of apps within an app – when you download it you get access to a wide range of child-suitable apps with no adverts and no risk of them veering into dodgy internet territory. You can set it in various different parental control modes, and even set a timer for how long you want them to be able to play for  – and only on that one app. No spending on your Amazon account!

KidzinMind review

All of the apps on offer are cute, bright and educational – definitely something to bear in mind. The app is aimed for 2-6 year olds, which I think is about right as Rian is nearly 6, and some of the apps didn’t hold his interest for very long but until recently they would have. There are all sorts – apps to promote correct teeth brushing, healthy eating, math puzzles and handwriting. There’s £50 worth of apps included and they are all tested by experts to make sure they reach high standards – more are being added all the time as they get approved.

KidzinMind Review

KidzInMind is more than just an app too. The KidzInMind blog, the Facebook page, the Twitter profile and the YouTube channel offer parents access to a wealth of information about different services or products for their children and discussions with other mums and dads.

KidzInMind is available to download on Android from Google Play and iOS from the App Store. The app is subscription-based and after the first week, which is free, KidzInMind is either 79p per month for limited in-built apps and features or you can pay £2.99 per month for unlimited access to the full app, video and game catalogue and all the parental safety controls.

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for writing this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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