Kingswood Family Adventure Day Review – Isle of Wight

There are instances where I should pay more attention to the small print. Or, you know, the main print. Like the word ‘family’ in the email inviting us to review a Kingswood Family Adventure Day in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. I naively assumed it was an adventure day for kids, and that I would be the documenting bystander.


Oh no, a Kingswood Family Adventure Day is just that – a FAMILY adventure day. I had to do all the sodding adventuring as well!

We rocked up at 9.45 dressed and ready for action – the kids (I took Rian and my de facto niece Lyla. ages 6 and 10) were bouncing off the walls, I was starting to get a lurking feeling that perhaps all was not well for lazy Sarah world. We were there with another family – a Dad and Uncle with two daughters who I think were 8 and 10 (and who were delightful company, and also had been sensible enough to bring suncream, which I had not hashtag awful mother)

We started off with a tour of the camp with our guide/helper/instructor for the day Cara, who was an excellent mix of enthusiasm and humour – and not laughing at me, and very kindly not noticing the bits I was skiving.

We started off the day with Archery. Being a Sagittarius, I naturally think I am a born archer, ready to get bullseyes by the dozen. Thinking does not necessarily equate to being however and I was substandard mediocre at best. The 10 year olds kicked my butt.

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

After the archery, we moved on to the Obstacle Course. This is where I really shone. I shinned up ropes, leapt over walls and poles and…ahahaha. I did two bits, which resulted in some rather interestingly placed bruising (flab being dragged over poles will do that) and I only managed that thanks to the two manly men in our group, who were happy to hoist me over and managed not to laugh. They also pretended not to notice that I was going around the obstacles to ‘spot’ the kids coming over and then never returning for my go over said obstacles. Ahem. Said kids loved it, little monkeys the lot of them.


Kingswood Family Adventure Day
The Obstacle Course – AKA My Nemesis

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

Exhausting work as you can see! We were very relieved to break for lunch at this point, which was held in a communal hall with all the Summer Camp kids (Kingswood also runs USA style Summer Camps, and they have kids from all over the place coming to stay. I bet it’s great fun) The food was fairly basic and what you’d expect from a kids camp – we had hot dogs and chips and salad and lots of much needed water!

After lunch it was time for Jacobs Ladder. OMG. Yet again, I put no-one to shame but myself. I was SO sure I got higher than I actually did. One of the guys very kindly took Rian up again at the end, as I was passed out in the shade having almost expired attempting to wriggle out of my harness.

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

Kingswood Family Adventure Day

*Heavy sigh* One of the guys managed to get right to the top. Show off.

With wobbly legs we finally went over to the last – and most anticipated – activity of the day, the G Force Swing.

It’s a beast.

I won’t tell you about it, but you can watch this little video of Rian and Lyla being the first to brave it!

We had SUCH a good time (despite my laziness/terror/weakling arms) and the kids were absolutely wiped out. Rian, at 6.5 I would say was only just big enough to properly enjoy it (the age range is 6-17), a smaller 6 year old might not quite be big enough. Lyla at 10 was loving every minute, and while there were a few tears from the littlest girl, they were soon over come. They were VERY high up after all! The Kingswood Family Adventure Days cost £39 for adults and £29 for kids and although we were invited this time, I would pay to go again (well, I would make Mark go…) and I know the kids definitely want to go back.

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    1. Haha, every one I meet says that they did a school trip to the Isle of Wight – I lived there and never got to do any of that cool stuff!

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