Landon Tyler Makes You Smell Nice

Sometimes when I visit other peoples houses, I get a bit jealous. Often they are much tidier than mine, and they have nice ornaments and plants and the like. I just have a load of crap stuffed everywhere and Martin The Matchstick Hedgehog. I keep telling myself it’s because we are still renting, and once we have our own pad then I can get super classy and elegant, right?

In the meantime however, I managed to bag a review of some smart and delightfully smelly candles and diffuser thingy m’bobs – you know the ones with the sticks, that you see in those posh and elegant houses of people with impeccable style? The ones who give you house envy? Yes, me! I now have some lovely smellies with which to grace my office. My study now smells like an Italian hillside, green and breezy with a hint of lemons and all things deliciously citrus. I am on the road to that lovely, neat, classy house of my dreams with the white washed floors and the squidgy sofas, and the fresh smells.

I’ll probably have to make my smelly boys live in the shed won’t I? I’m sure they won’t mind.

Thanks Landon Tyler for the lovely things to set me on my way! If you want some they are actually really reasonable considering they look so expensive – you can get them at the Joy The Store (what an appropriate name!) and there are lots of different scents to choose from. Here’s some pics of my now classy bookcase (ignore the Jilly Cooper, I am high brow and intelligent at all times and I don’t know how that got there) and lovely windowsill. Also the posh packaging of course.

Landon Tyler Candle Packaging

Landon Tyler Candle

Landon Tyler Candle On Windowsill

Landon Tyler Scent Diffuser

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