Messy Me Oilcloth and Monster Making!

In my efforts to be a bit cool and classy like, I decided that a glass topped table would be just lovely. And it does look lovely, with the nice oak base and the red chairs. For approximately 3 minutes and then it’s just covered in muck. Of which you can see every single last solitary smear and crumb. Even when I wipe it there are still little person fingerprints all over it. Underneath and on top. It’s a mess.

So, when Messy Me offered to send me one of their oilcloth table cloths to review, I jumped at the chance. I’d been meaning to get one for a while for my efforts at getting Rian to be a bit more creative and do some crafting with me. I’ve actually discovered a trick to this – he likes to have a goal, to be able to see what he might be able to make. I picked up a silk and soft clay Monster Kit (no I don’t know what silk and soft clay is either, but it’s not too sticky so it’s all good) for us to play with. Actually, that’s a lie, I bought it for one of Rian’s friend’s birthdays but then liked the look of it so much that I kept it for myself instead. I mean Rian – I kept it for Rian.

The oilcloth certainly did the trick – easy to wipe, keeps the horribly smeared glass out of sight out of mind. I’m pretty sure it will make an excellent outdoors messy play mat once summer rolls around again. I also love the colour and the star pattern – I think it actually looks really nice just as a table cloth (when you order them you can get them cut to a specific size to fit your table)! Well done Messy Me – and well done Rian, check out the Monster we made! I wanted to call him Stormin’ Norman, but Rian decided to just call him Storm. Boring!

Monster moulding on the Messy Me mat

Monster in progress on Messy Me oilcloth


storm-the-monster on the messy me oilcloth

2 thoughts on “Messy Me Oilcloth and Monster Making!

  1. Oh I need one of those cloths! I had one when we lived in England but now I have moved to Jersey and I can’t find any! This would be perfect for our dining table and fit in with our yellow and grey theme of the room. I hope that they deliver to Jersey! 🙂

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