A Mini Christmas Tree From Amara

I went to a lovely coffee morning last week hosted by the luxury interiors brand Amara. Afterwards, they got in touch to ask me if I had any ideas for a blog post I could do with a selection of items from their Christmas Shop. I immediately knew what I wanted to do – a mini Christmas tree!

We recently bought our first house, and it has two sitting rooms (why did people have two sitting rooms in the olden days?!) Our ‘back room’ is where we have our old tatty sofas and things, and it’s where we put up the Christmas tree this year – there’s an ideal alcove space for it, and we spend most of our time with the boy in there. Our ‘front room’ is where we have built in new shelf units in the alcoves and bought some lovely new furniture for our grown-up space. I have restricted the Christmas decorations in here to some simple things around the fireplace, but I knew it could do with a few more bits – and a mini Christmas tree seemed to be an ideal idea!

Christmas Traditions

I had a budget of £100 and the first thing I chose was a 70cm Scandi style Birch tree with built-in lights. I also ordered 6 new baubles – three grey baubles with stars, and three gorgeous baubles with a glass front and mine, Mark’s and Rian’s first initial. I’d already reserved some of my favourite bits off the other tree in the back room – we had already ready planned to get a mini tree before Amara offered!

mini christmas tree

Doesn’t it look super cute? It’s perfect and exactly what I had in mind – something festive, but not taking over the room and I think it really suits the rest of our decor in here. I’ll be sad to take it down, though it won’t take up too much space when we do – the branches fold up, and the base unscrews. It fits in a nice slim box which will be easier to store for next year!

mini christmas tree

Another good thing about this little tree is that I can just pick it up and move it around really easily – I tried it in the hallway as well, but I prefer it in the front room. You could put one of these pretty much anywhere – would look cute on a dining table or by a door. And you don’t have to decorate them – it looked beautiful without anything on it at all!

mini christmas tree

Have you got a mini tree at home or any ideas for more subtle Christmas decorations?

Disclaimer: I was given a budget of £100 to spend on Amaras Christmas Shop. All ideas, pictures and opinions are my own as always. 


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