The Missing Woman by Georgina Cross – Review

Part of my resolutions this year was to start doing book reviews, and my first one is for ‘The Missing Woman’ by Georgina Cross.

The idea was that this year I’ll review other debut books, as I’m in a facebook group for debut authors because my book is coming out in March (omg!). While not strictly a debut (Georgina’s first book was published in September last year – The Stepdaughter) this book was a great one to start with.

I do love a twisty thriller, and this is one to give you a crick in the neck. The premise is great; it started with a look. A look between two women, as different as can be. One a single mother from ‘the other side’ of town, the other the has-it-all wife of an eminent local politician.

The look, fraught with – something – sends us off down a path of revelation. Secrets, affairs, toxic friendships and unbreakable bonds.

Sabine Miller, the has it all, has gone missing. Smashed glass and blood, and a trail through the woods. Accusations fly, and the neighbourhood gossip machine cranks up. Who took her? Was it the political rival, with secrets of his own, or did she run away of her own accord? Were her friendships as perfect as they seemed? Who knows – and the reader certainly won’t, because this one is twistier than a rollercoaster. It’s the sort of book you’ll read in the bath and then suddenly realise you’re shivering because the water’s gone cold while you’ve been enraptured.

Erica is a great character, and it’s clever the way the book revolves almost entirely around her being in her own house, seemingly just watching events unfold around her, while she worries that she may have important evidence for the investigation. Her friend Tish is also interesting, as both women were together at the pool, but somehow are both intricately involved with the case.

I’ll be honest – some of the twists I half guessed, but most of them totally shocked me, and I kind of liked that, being lulled into a false sense of ‘I know where this is going’ and then getting smacked with a wtf! I really enjoyed it, and will definitely get her last one and pre-order her next one, due 5th October and titled ‘Nanny Needed‘.

You can buy any of Georgina’s books here.

The Missing Woman Georgina Cross

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