A Monster Box for a Little Monster

I’m always trying to get Rian to do arts & crafts. He’s not very keen usually I must admit. He likes to make an enormous mess (anyone else’s child insist on flinging their clothes once they have removed them? Never located a shoe atop a wardrobe? No? Hmm) and certainly he likes to snip and glue, but that’s about it. He wont draw or colour, or actually create anything. Which surprises me, because he does have creative family on both sides – but everyone is unique right?!

Anyway, we were sent a Monster Box from Busy Box. It’s like a lot of other subscription boxes, though you get to choose your theme. Aside from Monster, there was Pirates; football, monsters, dinosaurs, Autumn, Halloween, princess, fairy, rainbows, birds and unicorns. Tempted as I was to go for unicorns (because let’s face it, most of the craft stuff I buy I end up doing!) I thought Monster was a good bet for my little monster.

As always, the post arriving was met by grabby little hands assuming everything is for them…

little hand grabbing a box

He enjoyed the ribbon on the box – a nice touch I thought!

Little hands opening ribbon on box

I really liked the contents of the box – there were lots of little projects and goodies rather than one big effort. We immediately made the finger puppet, which was super easy for Rian to “DO BY MYSELF MUMMY” so he was happy enough!

making a monster finger puppet

He’s since attempted to colour in a mask (very scary haha – a scribble monster!) and enjoyed writing his hit lists on the little pad of paper shaped like a monster with different coloured felt tips, also included. I *may* have half inched the lovely coloured paper that also came with it for my own art class – everyone’s happy!

These kits are only £7.99, which is pretty good for a few afternoons entertainment plus the excitement of anything that gets delivered with your name on it. You can check them out on Instagram for some some crafty inspo! And here is the boy, with his finished monster! I’m not sure why he has gone orange, this is what comes of mucking around with online photo editors in an attempt to be cool. I really should know by now that I’m just not cool.



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