Mumzilla’s Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway!

It’s nearly here again! Squeee!

I’m one of those really annoying people who LOVES Christmas, there is no Scrooging over here I can tell you. Friends, great food, drinks and lots of love. What’s not to like? What do you mean I’m forgetting something….? PRESENTS! Hurrah! As much as I love getting presents (and I really do) I also really, really enjoy choosing presents for the people I love. With that in mind, I have put together a Christmas Gift Guide, and just to make it extra awesome, you can even WIN some of these presents for yourself. Or, you know, as presents to give away. If you are nice like that…

So here we go, the Mumzilla Christmas Gift Guide and Giveaway 2016!

I’m starting with gifts for the little people in your life:


I’m a sucker for toys that aid learning in some way – and these are brilliant for it. Geometric shapes, in lovely bright colours, that you can click together to form structures. We got the Space WOW set, which you can make rockets and moon vehicles from. Rian LOVES them, and played with these for ages. And you can win a set just like it worth £39.99 – see the competition at the bottom of the page!

Magformers Space WOW set


We really, really loved this game. The basic idea is quite simple: follow the trail of clue cards around the house or garden, sticking them to the treasure map as you go and collecting the golden coins hidden with each card, until the last clue leads to the treasure in a golden treasure bar (in our case, chocolate!)

What’s great about the game is that it comes with 100 clues that are a mix of picture, word and riddle clues. (There are also some role play clues and reusable blank cards for you make up your own clues.) For the younger treasure hunters you can use the picture clues; for those who are learning to read, the word clues are a great way to practise that new skill; and the older children will love using their reading and logic skills to solve the riddles. They also have a version to help picky eaters with their dinners! Genius. You can get Gotrovo for a reduced £19.95 on their website at the moment. OR you could win it in my brill giveaway! Entry at the bottom of the page!

There are also the classic gross games that children love to play – check out Seagull Splat from University Games for one!! Hahaha.

Personalised Books

I don’t know about your kids, but Rian loves anything with his name in, and books with his name as one of the characters have proved a massive hit. The beautiful Lost My Name range sent us one of their new items – The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is £19.99 and free to ship and just gorgeous. You can make the character look like your child as well as give them your child’s name.

Another book like this, but with a classic Christmas theme is The Snowman and the Snowdog from PenWizard – they have a whole range of books that you can put your child into (including popular TV show books like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol as well as the Christmassy ones) You can get a whopping 20% off one of these books with my discount code MUMZILLA20 up until the 15th December!

The SnowDog by Penwizard

Subscription Boxes

If you like to give gifts that will spread themselves out over the year, then look no further than The Curiosity Box. This is BRILLIANT – a science kit for 7-11 year olds, with 3 different experiments each time. Ours is electricity themed, and Rian wants to play with it all the time. We especially enjoyed the static electricity experiments where you use balloons to charge different objects and note the effects.

You can order these boxes online, or you could win one in my giveaway!

Curiosity Box

Kitchen Goodies

If you are like me, you will probably like kitchen stuff for Christmas. I LOVE a gadget – so (hint hint) anything that does everything like this Panasonic Combination Microwave would make the chef in me very happy. Did you know microwaves can grill and bake these days? Magic!

I’m also a sucker for funky things like this Easi-Yo yogurt maker. I love making stuff from scratch – and if you do too, you can win an Easi-Yo worth £17.99 plus 2 flavour sachets for yourself in the giveaway! (See bottom of page)


If you like giving really unusual presents, or have some weird and wonderful friends, then I have the ideal present – a personalised online Tarot Card reading! No, honestly! I had one done and it was spookily accurate and actually gave me some food for thought. I’m a huge sceptic normally, but it was really fun to do and isn’t a bad gift for £25! I would think this was a pretty cool present 😀

I love a subscription box (my husband had to strong arm me into cancelling two out of my three beauty box subscriptions because every time he opened a cupboard a shower of miniature creams and serums and make up samples would pour out) What he doesn’t know is that I’ve merely transferred my addiction to stationery instead (flatter and easier to hide) I bought myself a subscription to Boxcitement, which I love – so many little goodies! You can win a month subscription to Boxcitement in my giveaway, whoop! They will also be taking orders for one off Christmas boxes between Nov 18th and Dec 10th.

I’ve also got this gorgeous cushion from Mr Nutcase – anything with a lovely photo on it is a winner in my book. You can win one of their lovely personalised phone cases in the giveaway!

Cushion with a photo printed on it

Stocking Fillers

I think I like the little presents most of all, making stockings is one of my favourite things to do in the run up to Christmas. The lovely folk at Green People sent me some of their gorgeous Butterfly Gifts. These come in packaging that can be hung on the tree, and money from the sales also goes towards butterfly conservation. They are also organic and smell delicious – win!

Other beauty products that make great stocking fillers for the ladies in your life is anything for hair care – you can get lovely stuff from the Harley Street Hair Clinic.

It’s not Christmas without socks, is it? And I don’t know about yours, but my kid can’t keep slippers on his feet for more than five minutes, so I’ve got him a pair of theses Heat Holder slipper socks – Star Wars of course! I’ve also got him a little Kidzsonic electric toothbrush in the vain hope it might make him actually brush his teeth without yelling the house down!

If anyone I know has got this far, I am dropping big hints that I would like some Trolley Bags to take shopping with me – I’m always forgetting my bags for life, and these ones are brilliant. Though my friend did accidentally steal an aubergine using hers that had somehow rolled underneath which she then went back in and insisted on paying for – I think Waitrose thought she was mad.

Another good stocking filler is always an actual stocking, or sack that you can keep using every year – I really like these personalised ones from Pushka Ltd that are £28 each.

pushka personalised christmas sack





Disclaimer: I was sent some of these items to review, but all words and opinions my own as always. Usual Terms & Conditions apply on all giveaway items













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  1. I love the idea of a subscription gift…my guys are bombarded with gifts in autumn/winter because of their birthdays so this will spread it out a bit #KCACOLS

  2. Awesome Christmas Gift Guide! Lots of fab stuff here. Love the yogurt maker and the butterfly gifts xx

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