My Sony A5000 Review – A Good Blogging Camera?

Here’s a quick review of my Sony A5000. I have been wanting a proper camera for a while now, and after some mooching around on the internet I decided I really liked the look of this one in particular. I bought this camera for myself, I wasn’t sent it to review or anything.

Sony A5000
Sony A5000

My lovely husband told me I could use the gift vouchers we had been given for our wedding to buy one at John Lewis, which I was delighted about. I was so pleased they had one left in stock! It cost £270 plus a bit extra for a memory card and a case.

The main reasons I went for this model:

  • it’s not *too* bulky. It won’t fit in my pocket, but it’s happy in my handbag.
  • I can buy more lenses if I want – but the one it came with is perfect for my needs
  • It has a flip screen, which is great for vlogging and food shots (and selfies. Ahem)
  • I can use wi-fi to transfer photo’s to my phone – great for instagram!

For all these reasons, it’s working out really well! I’ve taken some really gorgeous photos already that I just wouldn’t have got from my iphone. I’m especially pleased with the food shots – my pinterest images have certainly moved up a notch!

Sony A5000 flip screen
Sony A5000 flip screen

Things I’m not so keen on:

  • No viewfinder – you have to use the screen to shoot. There is a model with a viewfinder, but it’s well out of my price range.
  • I can’t use the “tap” wi-fi transfer, as that’s for android model phones only. Not a huge issue, but the wifi is a bit finicky. I also can only do it at home.
  • No wrist strap included – I know I can get one for like 3p, and there was a neck strap, but I would have preferred a wrist one!

As you can see, those things certainly aren’t deal breakers. I’m really very happy with my Sony A5000 – here are some of my favourite shots so far. And I haven’t even played with any of the settings yet!

rocky road Sony A5000

boy licking spoon Sony A5000

boy on a bridge Sony A5000

icing pouring on a cake Sony A5000


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