An Ode To Maryland Cookie Bites

There is a place called Maryland

Where cookies grow on trees

That grow from soil that’s chocolate

Surrounded by sugar spun bee’s

All the birds are candyfloss

And the animals look a bit funny

If you’re quiet and sit quite still

You might see a milk choc bunny

Nibbling on a sweetie flower

Hopping in the minty grass

He might come and say hello

While he’s waiting for his friends to pass


Everything there is good to eat

And if you sit and wait a while

Try not to scoff everything in sight

The weather conditions might make you smile

Because when it rains, it rains cookie bites!

Caramel goodies, chocolate too!

A tasty morsel just for you.

So grab a bag and run around,

Catch them before they hit the ground!

Or if you aren’t in a surreal dream world like me,

You could just grab a pack or three

From your local shop or supermarket….

Just hide them from the kids yeah?

Because they are far too good to share!

Maryland Cookie Bites

All mine….


This was a post for @MarylandCookie – lucky me!

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