Operation Escape Room Game Review

It really seems like all we are doing at the moment is reviewing games – the boy is absolutely delighted! This one is called Operation Escape Room and we immediately set to work (play?)

Operation Escape Room Box

I really like this game! Most games for kids have me wanting to poke my eyes out within about 7 minutes but this one is great fun – love a puzzle! The game is based on the concept of escape rooms. One person gets tied up with a timer and the other person/people have to solve the puzzles to get keys to rescue the person before the timer goes off!

Operation Escape Room Challenges

The first puzzle involves using sticks to try and hook a key out of a barred box – which is quite hard! Then you use that key to prime the barrel puzzle. You use the cards to programme the barrel, then have to answer the questions to get the key to pop out in increments – if you get it wrong it slams back in and you start again! The last one is a spinner with a key inside. You use the barrel key to prime the spinner, then get to lift three flaps to try and find the third key. If you can’t, you have to spin it again! Argh!

Operation Escape Room Key Box Challenge

We failed a few times to rescue each other so we set the timer for a bit longer haha! Once we did succeed in getting the last key out we were delighted to find that defusing the timer makes the strap ping open! Very dramatic!

This is such a good game, we love it. The only tiny thing that annoyed me was that once you’ve set the key box up you can’t get the bottom off it and it won’t fit back in the box – but I’m sure I can find an alternative to keep it in!


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