Paw Patrol Jumbling Towers – New Twists On An Old Game

We were recently sent some Paw Patrol Jumbling Towers to review by Spin Master.

It’s essentially Jenga, but with a twist – the blocks are coloured and each colour correlates to a face (and a Paw Patrol character!) on a dice (a die? I’m never sure is dice is singular or plural. I’m sure I’ve had drunken rows about it in my youth though) Anyway, you roll the six-sided-object, and you have to pull a block of the corresponding colour, which actually makes it more fun – and competitive – than the original game.

Perfect for Paw Patrol fans, and for puzzle block fans. This is even a good one to play as a grown up due to the added pressure of having to pull a blue one which is clearly more dangerous than the red ones left! We really enjoyed it. I’m glad that I was able to put aside my aforementioned loathing of all things Paw Patrol

And, as always, blocks are multi-use, and are currently being used to build ships and the like!

This is a really good present store cupboard game, perfect for when you suddenly realise that so and so’s birthday party is actually this weekend and not next weekend and ARGH no time to go shopping – this is a nice, unisex gift that most kids will really enjoy (and it’s cheap – only 6.99 on Amazon!)

Paw Patrol Jumbling Towers

We were sent this game for the purposes of review, but all words and ideas are my own, as always.

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