Piccalilly Pastimes

There is a little patch of green near us that leads to a blue bridge over a stream. Rian calls it the “Secret Place” but I’m pretty sure it’s a cycle route.

boy on a blue bridge

I took the boy down there this afternoon while Daddy went off gallivanting to the football as is his wont. It was nice and sunny, and a great chance to play with my new camera and let Rian model one of his lovely Piccalilly UK tops. We were chosen as A/W16 Ambassadors for the brand (which caused some excited squealing from Mummy, though the boy was nonplussed) and were sent some really lovely things to try out. We’ve worn this Nessy top a few times now, and the washing has made it so cosy to wear, it’s fab.


We had a good explore, and even found some end of season blackberries. Not that I got to try any, they were scarfed sharpish by the permanently hungry boy. He never stops eating at the moment. Every second word out of his mouth is “hungry” it’s driving us mad.


We also stopped off on the bridge to play sticks. I’m not actually a fan of this game as I’m convinced he’s going to flip himself over the bridge trying to see whose stick is going to come under first. Not that you can even tell which stick is which – they both looked brown and sticky to me!


I’m really very happy with the quality of the clothes we were sent to try. They are great, colourful and eye catching designs and well made with super soft cotton. Being organic is an extra plus. Perfect for exploring!

boy walking


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