If your kid hates brushing their teeth this might be the answer! Play Brush Review

My kid hates brushing his teeth. You’d think we were trying to torture him, not instil good dental hygiene. He howls, he cries, he refuses to open his mouth. By the time we’ve finished there’s so much spit and toothpaste everywhere he looks rabid (he might be a bit rabid now I think of it). So naturally I wanted to try Play Brush when the opportunity arose. It cleverly combines a thing he hates doing – brushing his teeth, with a thing he loves doing – playing on my phone!

Play Brush is a clever little device you charge up and then stick on the end of a toothbrush. It then connects via Bluetooth to a game on your phone and the movements of teeth brushing translate into movements on the game – it’s brilliant frankly. Rian really likes it. There are various games to choose from but he likes the one where you shoot the bogies (I don’t think they are meant to be bogies, but a name like that kinda sticks) The games last two minutes, and encourage brushing of all the planes of the teeth (wouldn’t want those bogies to get ya!) Play Brush has also appealed to his competitive streak – you get points for good teeth brushing, so you get to go back and try and beat your high scores!

Ours came with a plastic pouch to attach to the mirror with suckers that you can pop your phone in. Only I made the mistake of leaving it on the window sill, and while he is claiming ignorance, I know perfectly well that my husband has chucked it in the bin without asking me what it was for. Which is why he is arm modelling in the pictures.

It’s really simple, and a really good way of getting your kids to start – willingly! – brushing their own teeth. An excellent stocking filler idea too!

Boy using Play Brush

Boy using play brush

Disclaimer: We were sent a Play Brush for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own, as always. 

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