A Quick Cool Down With Zuru Bunch O Balloons!

Hands up who loves a water fight! MEEEEE! Well, I like organising and watching rather than actually getting wet but you get my drift?

Anyway – who has spent ages and ages and ages trying to fill up piddly little water balloons? They are a right pain! Well, step in the clever clogs at Zuru who have come up with this frankly genius little invention, which lets you fill up loads of the little buggers in 60 seconds!

zuro bunch o balloons

This is the clever little beastling – a tube, with lots of little tubes leading off it, with the water balloons attached.

zuru bunch o balloons

How clever! You can either hold it over the tap (note to self: wrap a cloth round the top to avoid getting thoroughly squirted if you aren’t holding it firmly enough!) or, more easily, use the little hose attachment that comes in each pack. Also use a washing up bowl with some water in to fill them up in so they can rest in it – and you can carry them outside!

zuru bunch o balloons

The kids had so much fun with these, they are a great play time for the summer – and all the pieces are biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry too much about them getting everywhere. That said, we made the kids pick up most of the bits afterwards with a little competiton – the person who found the most gets to tip a bucket over the other. That was great fun, and less worry about birds or anything eating the bits of balloon before they dissolve!

zuru bunch o balloons

Zuru are also hosting an #UNLEASHSUMMER water balloon challenge over on Instagram this month – with the Grand Prize being¬†“VIP tickets and an all expenses paid trip for two to the 2017 World of Dance Finals event in Pasadena,¬†California on July 22, 2017”. Not bad eh! You can buy these in various places – Argos, Amazon etc – the usual suspects!

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