Rainy Day Box Company – it’s here!

The Rainy Day Box arrived! Hurrah!

RJ was delighted to get stuck into it straight away.

25.07.15 703I had to restrain him from ripping open the cookie mixture right there and then – the hoover has expired and god knows how we would have cleared that up!

We had a lovely selection of things to do: 25.07.15 712

We went for a cookie mix, make your own key chains, a sand art kit and a build-a-boat kit – there are some stickers as well which have been hidden (stickers are banned from the house by Daddy after fridge-gate. Ahem)

There was no way the boy was going to want to do anything else once he knew cookies were on the table. Luckily all we needed to make them was 100g of butter, and butter we had! Hurrah!

So we got straight to it, melting the butter in a cup and letting RJ mix away.

25.07.15 720

25.07.15 724All we had to do was mix and then shape the dough into walnut sized balls, which was so easy for RJ to do pretty much by himself.

25.07.15 728There may have been a *small* amount of cheeky spoon licking while I put the cookies in the oven (they only took about 18 minutes to cook, always a bonus when your son has zero patience)

They cooled down quickly as well – good for the little hand that kept sneaking out to ‘test’ them…

25.07.15 738For something that was done so quickly, they were amazingly tasty too – really chocolatey. Next time I’ll make sure I’ve got some non-salted butter in the fridge as that might bring down the decadance somewhat 🙂

PS if anyone is wondering what the boy is standing on in the kitchen for the baking it’s a kitchen helper and I got mine in an Amazon sale. It’s brilliant – I can have him at my height without worrying he’ll faceplant off a chair the second I turn away!


Disclaimer: I did not receive any goods or compensation for this post, I bought the box myself and reviewed it because I liked it. 


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