Blaze To The Rescue (Remote Control Racing Blaze Review and Giveaway)

I can hear something in the kitchen – which is currently full of boxes, either half packed or empty. I’m pretty sure it must be Rian, and I’m pretty sure he’s playing with his new Remote Control Racing Blaze.

As usual, the postman arriving is a cause of excitement – or utter despondency – in our house. It’s usually excitement as it’s something arriving for Rian to play with and review, but you’d think it was the end of the world when it’s actually something for me for a change (you should have seen his face when it was gin!) This week my lucky boy was completely ecstatic to get a Blaze toy to play with – he loved the last one too.

Remote Control Racing Blaze

Anyway, back to the kitchen. Much to my amusement, Rian has managed to get IN a box to hide and is pretending that he is missing and that Blaze is out looking for him. Apparently he’s trapped inside a mountain and Blaze is bringing dynamite to rescue him. Not sure I would like to be rescued by dynamite…I’m impressed that the wireless remote works through the cardboard!

The boy really likes this toy, which surprised me somewhat as he has quite a few remote control toys (mainly helicopters which tend to meet their demise either against the wall or sailing off over the houses) I think he likes this one because it took him a while to get the hang of working the remote – the buttons are circular so you need to press them simultaneously to get any movement that isn’t backward/forward! It’s suitable for 3+ so I think older boys and girls would enjoy it as well.

Remote Control Racing Blaze

Evie, our new puppy, isn’t quite sure what to make of it though!

Remote Control Racing Blaze

If you want to buy a Remote Control Racing Blaze you can get them for £21.99 at Smyths Toy Store. OR you could win one right here! Just enter using the Rafflecopter whizzy gig below. Usual T&C apply. UK entrants only.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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