Sea Life London – who’s your Bestie?

It’s the Summer Holidays, and in London usually that means I avoid South Bank like the plague, but I may have been amiss in this opinion because when we were invited to go and discover who our #sealifelondonbestie was with Sea Life London, it was actually completely lovely and a great morning out despite the crowds.

This was the first time any of us had visited the aquarium, though we’ve been to a couple of the nearby attractions. It was bigger than I expected, with lots to see. It’s spread over a couple of underground levels, spaced out so you walk over the shark tank, which you can also walk underneath. Different ocean sections are separate, so you get to learn along the way about the different types of water habitats.

boy looking at a shark in the Sea Life London aquarium

Rian loves sharks. We spent ages by the shark tanks, checking we had spotted each of the species and rating them by toothiness. 

It was busy in the aquarium, but as everyone spread out there was time for quiet reflection – and these fish seemed to like Rian as much as he liked them! There’s something so relaxing about watching fish – rays especially – gliding through the water. My favourites were the jellyfish. Amazing, especially in the units that changed colour, illuminating them as they pulse in the water. Beautiful 

We were invited to the Sea Life London aquarium to showcase their new selfie wall – you can pose next to your favourite and post it to social media, tagging the aquarium and adding the tag #sealifelondonbestie and be in with the chance of winning an aquarium experience! Rian’s bestie was Boris the sea turtle. He seems to be doing a turtle impression in this picture too!

Boy stood next to the Boris Sea Life London Selfie Wall

Boris the sea turtle was Rian’s #sealifelondonbestie because we were by the tank and Boris himself swam right up to Rian, and they looked right at each other. Magic.

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