Stocking Filler Ideas For Christmas – for kids and Big Kids too!

Yep, more Christmas stuff. Apologies (not). I love making stockings for Christmas, or buying little presents just to make more to open. It’s definitely quantity for me – I love the excitement of opening. But you don’t want to just get a load of toot – you can get some bargains if you know where to look. Here are some of my stocking filler ideas this year.

One of my lasting memories of childhood standard gifts (aside from the brilliant thermal tights my Nana always used to get me from the market) was the bottle of bubblebath – do you remember them? They were people designed, I think there was a Sailor and a Princess – was it called Matey? I can picture them now.

So I always like to get the smalls in my life some bubbles for the bath or shower and they do all your favourite characters now.

bubble bath from HiHouse

I think they have captured the Minion’s expression perfectly, Rian is going to love it 😀 I’ve also got some little bath games that won’t take up too much space as they can just live in the bathroom cupboard!

Penguin and Hook A Duck bath games from HiHouse

For the bigger kids, I like to get funny stocking fillers. We have a long tradition of silly gifts in our family – there was the Great Fake Dog Poo Saga that ran for years, whenever we visited each other (they were in Stockport, we were on the Isle of Wight) we would endeavour to hide the fake dog poo somewhere. My all time favourite was when my Uncle managed to unwrap and break open an Easter Egg, put the poo inside and then wrap it all up again – we almost died laughing when we found that one. So, we always get silly gifts for each other – this year it’s the classic arse/face soap and some funny coasters. I got all of these from HiHouse – you might see them in other shops, but it’s much better value getting them direct.

arse/face soap

funny coasters

I’m also looking forward to nicer weather – these ChalkOla markers can be used on glass, so I’m planning on sticking the boy outside in his pants and he can draw all over glass doors and then hose them down to his hearts content. I’ll quite enjoy playing with these ones myself – I might get myself a mirror to do list! 😀

Chalkola markers

Disclaimer: I was sent some of these products to review, all words and opinions are as always, my own.

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