Sugru Review – Life Hack in a Tin!

I was sent this super cool home hack by Sugru to review as a potential Father’s Day present for Him Indoors.

Alas, I confess, it’s too good for him and I’m keeping it.


The idea is so simple, and a starter kit is a bargain at a tenner.

You get a lovely tin, and 5 packs of mouldable glue in different colours along with a booklet to give you ideas.


The idea is simple, it’s a glue in play-doh form! You make it into all sorts of funky shapes, and then it sets and stays. The picture ideas in the booklet are brilliant. Who doesn’t love a desk tidy?!


Lots of the ideas are for cool little hooks and things that you keep around the house. As we are renting, I decided to work on a portable hack for the sake of the review…and keep the rest for when we finally own!

I used some of the silver glue to wrap around the beginning-to-fray end of my iPhone cord. The glue is really easy to shape and mould – I rolled mine out to make it smooth around the wire. It smells a bit nasty, but it sets like rubber after 24 hours. I like it!


I can’t wait to get making other stuff once we move. Until then, it’s a brilliant fixer!

You can buy a starter set – or any sort of set – at

**I was sent this starter kit for the purposes of review, but all opinions are entirely my own**



3 thoughts on “Sugru Review – Life Hack in a Tin!

  1. Oh I LOVE this. I’ve heard of this before…a friend at work used to swear by it. This may actually be the perfect present for someone I know thinking about it (not my husband – although maybe my husband would like it…hmm, ok you probably don’t need my inner musings on present buying as a comment. I’m going to stop #triballove

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