Super Ski Jump Game Review & Giveaway

Another game review, hurrah! Rian loves doing these, and we really liked Super Ski Jump – he’s asked to play it again several times already!

We struggled a bit to put the game together – I think the instructions could do with a bit of an extension, and I don’t think an 8 year old could do it by themselves (I may be wrong, but I am nearly 38 and it took me a while!)  so you’ll need to help. But we did get there eventually (and all the times since has only taken a couple of minutes once you do know!)

Super Ski Jump Game in Box

The concept of the game is pretty simple – you take it in turns to ‘jump’ once in each round, choosing which of the four characters and the playing piece (Sledge, Bath Tub, Snowboard, Skis) you would like to use. I would suggest  practising your jumps before you start as there is an element of timing to it that might take you a couple of goes!

Setting up the Super Ski Jump game

The youngest goes first and you adjust the height of the ski ramp to one of the three different levels.  To start your jump you turn the wheel to send your character whizzing down the ramp and then hit the lever at the right time to flip your character up in the air! You have to watch and count the number of times your character flips, and how they land, and then score them on it using the guide. You get three jumps with whatever piece you like, and get different scores for each one (some are higher, but harder to get!)

The winner is the person who gets the highest jump score out of the three jumps, and if you have a draw you have to have a final ‘jump-off’ to get the winner!

Playing Super Ski Jump

This one is a terrible photo but I love his face – a real “hurrah!” moment. Rian liked playing this competitively and scoring the jumps, but he also carried on playing it by himself afterwards quite happily!

Super Ski Jump is widely available in most toy shops currently selling for £19.99 but you could win one here on the old blog – you know what to do! Usual T&C’s apply and UK only.

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