Tefal’s Cook4Me showcase

I had a really unexpected, fun day yesterday. I had an email from a PR lady who was working with Tefal on promoting their new Tefal Cook4Me pressure cooker. The concept of the day was to get together, cook some delicious food in very little time, and then spend the rest relaxing. Which I guess you can spend more time doing if you have something that can cook a dinner in less than 10 minutes! Presuming you don’t have kids. I would probably spend it cleaning something unmentionable off the sofa.

A Tefal Cook4Me review

We were greeted with some fizz, which was very welcome as I was so nervous. The shoot was in someone’s house (which they must rent out for such endeavours – who knew?!) so I’d spent a few minutes skulking around outside wondering if I had the right place.

We kicked off with a chat about the Tefal Cook4Me from a rep. It’s really user friendly – there are 50 inbuilt recipes in the menu, with instructions. The instructions are essentially, chop and chuck, close the lid and Bob’s your uncle (what does that phrase even mean?!)


It also looks pretty sexy, non?

I was first up to try the cooker with the lovely Franca from A Moment With Franca (she of #KCACOLS fame!) and we had to make an Italian vegetable soup. We were photographed and miked up – I had the hysterical giggles at this point which I’m not entirely sure is professional…

giggle face

Then we had camera’s zooming in and out all over the place while we chopped and gathered all the ingredients together. Then it was just pop everything in and wait 10 minutes until ping! And hiss – the steam shooting out the top is very exciting. The cooker will also automatically keep your food warm until you are ready to eat it. Which is useful when there is more posing to be done!


Franca looking gorgeous with our lovely soup!

I decided to get in on the action with the artistic posing of food and what not. Whaddaya reckon? Have I missed my calling?

Tefal Cook4Me bowl of soup

Eventually however I just couldn’t resist the scoffing!

Tefal Cook4Me empty bowl

I’m not going to lie – it was really tasty, really quick and really easy to do. These pressure cookers are expensive, but if you are time poor in the evenings then they will more than earn their keep. A lot of my favourite dinners – like risotto for example – take a lot of time to cook right. The Cook4Me can do a risotto in 8 minutes. EIGHT. That’s pretty cool.

And with the time I saved, I even got myself a cheeky manicure on the way out!


Ah the things I will do with my time…

I’ll be getting one of these cookers to review a bit more as well, so watch this space!

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19 thoughts on “Tefal’s Cook4Me showcase

  1. That looks like such a fun event! Anything that can save time when you’re cooking is great, because it’s hard to spend lots of time in the kitchen when you have a small person grabbing your legs and wanting to be picked up.

  2. Ooooo I’m so jealous! That’s a pretty impressive piece of equipment for sure! And, I have to say your artistically place bowl of soup looks yummy!

    Lucy xx #triballove

  3. Sounds like you had fun! Love that they’ve sexed-up the pressure cooker – I used to be terrified of my Nan’s metal one when I was little!
    I do like kitchen gadgets – have always been tempted by the Tefal Actifry (I think that’s what it’s called), but haven’t yet been able to justify the cost…

    1. My other half is demanding to know where exactly we are going to put it. Next to the juicer I never use? Or the blender? Smoothie maker? Ahem. I *may* have a bit of a kitchen gadget addiction…

  4. Well I have pressurecookeraphobia (shush!! it is such a real thing!) but this little black beauty doesn’t look like it’s metal knob (you know the thing that goes on top of a Pressure Cooker!?) would fly off at you. It doesn’t look like it will whistle (read *scream*) at you either. And who wouldn’t like to spend their extra free time drinking fizz and having their nails done. Sold! #KCACOLS

  5. I am so jealous. For a number of reasons –

    – the fizz

    – the nails

    – the hunky man over your shoulder! Who is he?!?

    – The Cook4 Me product. I need that in my life! I have a slow cooker at the moment but I now need this!! I then could spend the day getting my nails done and drinking fizz 🙂 #KCACOLS

    1. Hunky man was the photographer! And the camera man was gorgeous as well. It was a most flustering day I can tell you! Xx

  6. This looks amazing, and so easy to use too. I need one in my life, but would have no where to store it. I also love your nails and the floor in that photo. Claire x #KCACOLS

  7. It sounds like a really fun event! Plus the cooker looks awesome – anything which makes life easier is good in my books. 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

  8. Um yes risotto in 8 minutes sounds absolutely amazing! I have never used a pressure cooker but it sure does sound amazing. If only they weren’t so expensive. Although like you said they could be a big help seeing as how I am always racing against time to make dinner. And I love your artsy photo #KCACOLS

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