Let me start by saying, I’m not impressed.

I was sent this funky little game to test out with the boy. Very vintage, love the box.

The boy was super keen to start straight away, and it’s easy to set up – lid off and go, everything set up with a scoreboard and goal pot.

This will be easy I thought.


Turns out the boy is a natural. I was all prepared to play in his favour, pretend to miss, let him nearly win before stealing victory (you have to teach kids to lose y’know, I’m not competitive or anything)


He kicked my butt. It was abject humiliation. I was desperately trying to ping them in and they were going everywhere BUT the board. Down my top, under the sofa. Rian was just flipping them in every time!

So I’m unhappy. The game – which is an excellent addition to any games cupboard I must say – is clearly rigged or defective in some way, but the boy loves it so I guess we’ll keep it.

If you want a retro game like this one they sell them on the Imperial War Museum website – tiddlywinks is only £6!



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