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I was contacted recently by a new food company called Hooba. They have released a range of veggie meat alternatives that are made from mushrooms. I was slightly dubious because I’m not usually a fan – I love vegetarian food, but not when its masquerading as meat – it’s tasty enough in its own right, right?

But I’m not one to turn down a free dinner, so I agreed to be a guinea pig taste tester.

I was sent several samples – they have burgers, sausage rolls, sausages. This post samples the meatballs, because spaghetti meatballs is one of our favourites. We are trying to cut down on meat so I thought maybe an alternative would work.

I was quite impressed – they were quick to cook (12 minutes in the oven) and texturally they were very meat like. I found the paprika in them was the predominant taste, but that was ok because it was a nice smokey flavour.

Here’s a bit more about Hooba from the makers:

“Hooba mushrooms are full of natural goodness and their meaty texture provide an appetizing alternative to everyone’s favourite sausages, burgers or meatballs. Just like pork, beef or lamb, they contain protein; as well as being fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free and very low in sodium. If that wasn’t enough, they are also a great source of vitamins and minerals and might even help reduce the waistline too!

The ethos behind the company is community and sustainability. With this in mind, Hooba Foods have teamed up with the YMCA to run a project working with ex-offenders to grow their signature mushrooms using coffee grounds from local coffee shops.”

If you want to try some Hooba goodies you can order them at

Hooba Meatfree Meatballs

Hooba Meatfree Meatballs

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