VonHaus Rose Gold Tool Kit Review

Haha, random I know! Especially as my husband is very anti-DIY. I think his family were very much the lets-call-a-plumber type whereas my Mum can do ANYTHING. Wallpapering, tiling, washer changing…the only time we ever needed someone to come in and fix something was for the pilot light in the boiler – no one in their right mind messes with the boiler. Anyway, having an anti-DIY husband means we don’t do a lot ourselves which really annoys me, so I was of course over-joyed when asked to review one of the VonHaus Rose Gold Tool Kits from Domu.

I opted for the 32 piece cordless drill set – I’ve got approximately 70 billion pictures I want to hang and for some reason our walls seem to be made of some sort of nail-bending impervious material which my weakling arms cannot strike a nail into. Irritating. So happy days when the kit arrived all nicely bagged up in a neat little carry case!

tool kit

The kit also comes with a tape measure but I’m not sure where that’s gone already so it’s not in the picture. There are 9 bits for the drill so you can merrily drill holes of all shapes and sizes. A note here: on the Domu website the tools look like they are pink (v girly) but they are not pink, they are white – the only rose gold is on the stickers but I didn’t really care because drrrrrrrrilllllllling.

As well as the drill it’s bits and the missing-from-picture tape measure you get pliers, hammer, adaptable screw driver with 12 bits, 6 X sockets and a tool bag. It’s enough to do a myriad of odd jobs around the house quite easily. The drill is rechargeable and you can use it for 20 – 30 minutes before it needs plugging in again. It’s cordless as well so you can use it indoors and out without being near a plug which was useful for the first job I used it for – hanging some pictures in our downstairs loo!

Apologies for the rubbish picture, I was squeezed up next to the sink trying to get a good angle and not drop my camera down the loo. But you can see the finally hung pictures, all nice and straight and firmly anchored – and it only took me about 20 minutes to get them all up once I’d spent ages mucking around deciding what to put where! I’ve got some more bits to go up but it’s a good start.

This tool kit is retailing for £34.99 and has a two year warranty which I think is a bit of a bargain. Everyone should have an electric drill!

Disclaimer: I was sent this tool kit to review for free, but all opinions and thoughts are my own as always. 

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