What Is Christmas In July?

I’m on a facebook group for bloggers and I started noticing a few threads for “Christmas in July” popping up. Having not the foggiest what they might be about I ignored them.

So I was quite surprised to get an email inviting me to “Christmas in July”. Turns out all the major retailers have these events – they want to showcase their Christmas wares to those who will talk about them in the run up to Christmas. I was invited to go along to Tesco’s.

I turned up not really knowing what to expect, and was ushered into a warehouse space through a parade of twinkling Christmas tree’s and snow. Gorgeous!

christmas trees

The first room was devoted to biscuits and chocolate treats. I enjoyed making a cookie for the boy from their decorate-your-own range – and was intrigued try the microwave igloo cake. Yes, microwave! It tasted remarkably like your run of the mill oven baked sponges, I was impressed. All the microwave sponges I’ve tried to make have ended up tasting like…well, the sponges you use in the bath. Not very tasty!


As I went through the rooms there was all sorts to try and taste and sniff. I predict that that melting caramel brownie – The Reveal – will be a sell out. It’s a chocolate dome over a brownies, and you pour hot caramel over the dome so it collapses on to the brownie. If I don’t get one for Christmas there will be a big strop!


I could also eat my body weight in the cheese truffles. Amazeballs!


The smells from the Christmas Table section were so delicious. I was cursing the fact that it is actually only July, and that I still have MONTHS until the holidays!

christmas table

I will also be looking out for these table centre pieces, they are beautiful and will be retailing for £15 each – a bargain!


The trip was finished up with a nice cup of tea and a goody bag, which has some nice Christmassy treats in it – must remember where I stash them so I don’t forget about them until next August!






3 thoughts on “What Is Christmas In July?

  1. I had no idea this was a a thing! I still feel Christmas was only a moment ago but of course it wasn’t. I could do a bit of Christmas any time I think. Sounds like a fun trip, I like the sparkly Christmas trees and the melting brownie…wow!

  2. So this is what all those Facebook posts were about! My wife will go crazy over those centerpieces! As for me, I can’t wait to get a taste of all the deliciousness of those goodies!

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