Where’s Dory? There she is!

I’m saving the film for a rainy day, but we were very happy to be sent our very own little Dory from the new Pixar film, Finding Dory.


Dory is a little Zuru  Robo-fish. You plop her in water, and away she goes! You can also, err, whack her a bit on the side to get her going.

Rian didn’t want to wait until bath time, he wanted to play straight away, so I got his kitchen helper out and filled up the sink (shoving all washing up out of the way first)

both with toy fish

These Dory’s come ready batteried (yes really  – batteries in water!) so in she plopped and away she went! There are also spare batteries in the box, which is a bonus.


They swim really well, and move around and up and down as the tail flicks in random ways. They have all sorts of these characters for sale, and they even have little runs and things you can buy – really cute! They also have a special power save feature – if they aren’t wet, they don’t swim! So take them out the bath and dry them and they’ll be ready to go again next time.

They swim so much better than wind up ones – the ones I’ve tried have worked for about three winds and then conked out pathetically and slowly sunk. I like Dory!

And Rian enjoyed playing up at the sink so much, he even did some washing up for me!


Train ’em young I say…

You can buy Dory, Nemo and friends from ASDA, Argos, B&M, Morrisons, Shop Direct, Smyths, Tesco, The Entertainer and Toys R Us.


**Disclaimer: We were sent Dory for the purposes of this review but all thoughts and enjoyment are our own as always**




2 thoughts on “Where’s Dory? There she is!

  1. How cute is that! I want some new bath/paddling pool toys for Mimi think I might look at investing in a couple of these especially if they encourage children to help with the washing up !!!

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