The Wicked Uncle Challenge

I’m sure at least some of you may have heard of

We were asked to do the Wicked Uncle Challenge. Pick a relative or friend who is – shall we say – hit or miss when it comes to buying gifts for your kids, they get a voucher for the website, and Wicked Uncle guarantees they will buy a great gift!

I was happy to rise to the challenge, and I nominated my sister, Rian’s Aunty Jos (or AJ as she refers to herself) AJ has a history of buying slightly odd or age inappropriate presents.

For his first birthday she bought him a t-shirt that admittedly did say “Age: 1” but was so preposterously large that he still wears it today. The second birthday present was this ridiculous animal:

Enormous stuffed dog

I wouldn’t mind so much but it got sent to my work address and I had to cart it home on the tube. Man I got some weird looks.

Present for age 3 was probably the best one. She got him a Dust Buster. Yes, a hand held hoover. For a three year old. He did love our Henry Hoover, but the Dust Buster was somewhat beyond him.

So I thought Wicked Uncle may have met their match!

An excited boy was overjoyed when a frankly enormous box arrived with his name on it.

Excited boy with large cardboard box

He opened it to discover not one but three great gifts!

boy discovering gifts

One was a Space Hopper which had to be immediately blown up and bounced around on.

Excuse the pic, I’m a bit obsessed with the colour pop app at the moment!img_7116

He also got a projection torch with shark pictures (AJ has a slightly unnerving fascination with sharks…nasty toothy things if you ask me!) which he loves, and his favourite by far was the Atomic Sword Popper. So not only does he have a sword to swing about when he’s pretending to fight off Darth Vader, but he also gets to pop balls at me from across the room when I least suspect it. There’s no danger of injury, but it does make one jump when a foam ball suddenly plops in your lunch out of no where.

Excited boy opening box

AJ also reported that the site was really easy to use and navigate, you can filter by age and gender as well as price, and you can pay with PayPal which is always a bonus.

He also delighted in playing with the packaging. Odd child.


**Disclaimer: We were given a £40 voucher for the purposes of this review, but all opinions and words are our own.**










16 thoughts on “The Wicked Uncle Challenge

  1. This does look good but how do you go about telling said relative that they’re so shit at choosing presents that you’ve removed the need for them to choose anything? Is it right before you tell them you’re moving them into a care home? #chucklemums

  2. I’m loving Aunty Jo – there’s a woman with personality! I would love *my son* to be given a dust buster (he would probably be thrilled and give it googley eyes and a place on his bed next to his soft toys!) I think I’ll be recommending The Wicked Uncle to about 96% of our extended family (thanks for that!) #chucklemums

  3. This is suck a fab idea! My sister is crap as present buying too and forgets that they are one and three and seems to buy toy guns and knifes or crappy barbies with tiny shoes they can’t put on! I’ve gotta send her the link stat! #chucklemums

  4. Great stuff! Although I am enjoying the massive dog who had to ride the tube haha. Also the colourpop photo is ace!


  5. What a great idea. They should do it for adults too then I can pass it on to the Husband for when he’s buying me presents. #chucklemums

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