Win a Grumblie and a £50 Smyths Toys Voucher!

Have you seen a Grumblie? They live in secret, hiding from the eyes of mankind. Short- tempered and full of mischief, bands of Grumblies roam the wild places of this earth, creating mysterious earthquakes, paranormal tsunamis and supernatural volcanos. Apparently!

Anyway, despite this warning, I agreed that a Grumblie could come and live in our house, and he arrived today.

Grumblies in packaging

This is Hydro who according to the Smyths website  is “a monster of tides and waves, created from sparkling surf and black ocean depths. In the wild, he wades through tsunamis and floods. Once captured, he grumbles and roars until you unleash his fury. Inspired by the power of rushing water and the pull of tides, Hydro is one seething Grumblie” He’s also currently on sale for £16.99!

Grumblie Review

Rian approved immediately of his fluffy nature. I think the idea of Grumblies might put some people off – these are toys that are made to be bashed and chucked around until they flip out. Rian loved it – usually we are not allowed to throw and bash our toys, and the indignant, grumpy and outraged noises Hydro makes before he starts shaking and vibrating all over the place were the cause of much hilarity. I also know that some people are very concerned over the term ‘meltdown’ being used in any other context than an autistic one, but I think this toy is actually a really useful way of teaching a little lesson about boundaries and understanding that cumulative irritations may result in a breakdown!

I mean, just look at that face! He thinks it’s brilliant, and the dog is frankly in love too.

Boy with a blue grumblie

Would you like to win a Grumblie and a £50 Smyths Toys Voucher in time for Christmas? Enter the competition below! UK only and usual T&C apply.

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*Disclaimer: We were sent this Grumblie to review at no cost to ourselves, but all opinions and views are our own as always*

7 thoughts on “Win a Grumblie and a £50 Smyths Toys Voucher!

  1. Fantastic prize! My son would love this and the voucher would be great in time for Christmas treats, thank you

  2. My daughter has one of these on her birthday list 🙂 must admit i had to google what they were. can totally understand the attraction for a 7 year old lol

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