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I’ll admit to being a fan of cocktails, though I don’t have enough digits to count how many times they haven’t been very friendly to me…possibly because there are just so many to try! My favourite has a name that’s too rude for the blog unfortunately or I would tell you  (I’ll get all sorts of new weirdo’s over here).

I don’t very often make my own cocktails because it can be quite expensive buying all the main ingredients and you end up with big sticky bottles lurking in the cupboards full of booze you’ll probably never drink and will try and fob off on people at every opportunity “Nana, would you like some extra dry martini? No? Peach schnapps? No? Sure?” and so forth.

So, here is a brilliant idea for you from the genius that is The Cocktail Man London – a cocktail subscription box!

The Cocktail Man London

Every month The Cocktail Man will send you a box with all the ingredients you need (bar fruit juice) to make two delicious cocktails – hurrah! You get to try lots of different cocktails without filling your cupboards with booze bottles.

This months box was Bird of Paradise.

The Cocktail Man London

I could tell I was going to like this one! You also get the instructions and a pretty glass adornment, just for that extra bling.

The Cocktail Man London

I was at my friends house, so while we didn’t have a shaker, they did have some rather blingy martini glasses (and room in their freezer to chill them. My freezer is full of peas and waffles.) In lieu of a shaker,  gave it a good swizz round in a jug of ice before straining it into said funky glasses. And lo, it was good.

The Cocktail Man London

If you’d like to try a subscription, then you could try and win one in our competition! Usual T&C apply, UK only. And you really should also go and just get yourself a subscription too – MOAR COCKTAILS.

There’s a special intro offer on at the moment – £9 for your first box. Perfect for date night (or you know, happy booze night)

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13 thoughts on “Win a Cocktail Subscription from The Cocktail Man

  1. We don’t really drink all that much in our house, but this would be the perfect gift for one of my friends. I’ll have to keep this in mind for when her birthday rolls around.

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