Win A Cute Houseplant From BloomBox Club

I am getting hooked on plants, it’s a real problem I tell ya. Probably because I’ve been working for the coolest houseplant company around for a while now – BloomBox Club!

We sell various wonderfully kooky plants in the shop and we also have a subscription – a gorgeous plant once a quarter in a lovely ceramic pot and a little care card to help you look after it. I want all of them, but if I put anymore plants in my house my husband may ask for a divorce (at least I would have the plants)

Here are some of the lovely plants we have in the shop currently – my personal favourite being these Trailing Hearts

BloomBox Club

I’m also a little obsessed with these Snake Plants – NASA thinks they are the bees knees when it comes to air cleaning and purifying, and they look like stiff snakes stuffed in a pot! Hahah! Sorry.

BloomBox Club

Anyway, enough perving, lets get to the point in hand – who wants to win one of these little darlings?!

BloomBox Club

ISN’T HE CUTE!!! I’m not sure why he’s a he. These Croco’s have thick dark green leaves and lime green flowers. Ornate, but not too ornate, this is the perfect blend of your typical flowering house plant and an evergreen. I bet you won’t see these in your supermarket (if you do tell us so we can get some other new and amazing plants for me to hide around my house and pretend they have always been there)

Anyway – if you wanna win one, in a lovely pot of course, then just do the eeji-whatsit thing below. Usual T&C’s apply, and you will also be signed up to our non-spammy and usually entirely hilarious newsletter written by yours truly.




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