Win A Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp

Hands up who had a Lava Lamp in the 90’s? Or even before? Well, amazing news – they are back again! And you could win a Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp for your child’s bedroom. Yep, that’s right – these new Lava Lamps are childsafe, and really funky to boot.

We were sent this gorgeous bronze specimen – don’t you think it looks just like that space rocket Bugs Bunny had back in the day?

Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp

Rian was absolutely thrilled to walk into his room and see this lamp. He thinks it’s brilliant, and watching the lava bubble up and down really calms him down. The light is very soft as well, so he’s quite happy to go to sleep by it.

Bronze Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp

The new Neo Lava Lamp was designed by Jonathon Coles, and is the only lava lamp in the world that has been completely verified and tested for customers of all ages – every detail was designed with safety in mind. It’s low voltage and powered by long lasting halogen capsules which are made to last. All the heat and light it directed into the bottle, so the metal doesn’t become hot to the touch, and all the parts screw together (and indeed, onto a shelf should you wish!)

Mathmos are giving away a choice of colour lamp for one lucky blog reader – you know the drill, enter the competition below!




4 thoughts on “Win A Mathmos Neo Lava Lamp

  1. My son would absolutely love one of these, so far my own memories of burnt fingers after being daft enough to touch them as a kid, had put me off but this looks great!

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