Win Something Gorgeous From Three Bags Full – New Zealand Kids Brand

I am inordinately proud of just how CUTE Rian is. I always thought he would make a great model, so I’m always thrilled to showcase kids fashion. I was especially pleased with the lovely top we were sent by Three Bags Full, which is a lovely clothes brand based in New Zealand that specialises in using Merino wool.

Having visited New Zealand in my distant youth and spending a few months touring round, I actually know all about Merino wool already. It’s super soft and durable, and it’s one of those materials that will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Clever sheep! And of course it’s sustainable, machine washable and will turn away most day to day stain-makers. Three Bags Full also make all their products ethically, which is nice.

We chose to get the Ahoy There top in grey (I’m a bit obsessed with grey) and I think it looks gorgeous on my cheeky boy, who insisted on wearing it to his friends party.

Three Bags Full Merino Wool Top

It’s such a lovely fit, and really soft on his skin. He was dancing about like a loon and running in and out from the cold and he didn’t complain of being hot or cold, so I guess it was doing it’s magic on the temperature front!

Three Bags Full Merino Wool Top

You can win a lovely top from Three Bags Full in any size or design you choose by entering the rafflecopter thingy below! All usual T&C’s apply! Here are some of the gorgeous things you could choose from – go check out the others from their website!

Girls Tops Three Bags Full Boys Tops Three Bags Full
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