Summer Holiday Diary – Day 2

Currently am laying on the sofa watching BVTD (Brooding Vampire Teen Drama. Yes I know I’m hopelessly sad I just can’t decide which one is sexiest ok?!)

I have survived the second day of the holidays. Still enjoying it too. Maybe I am a good mother after all?? Could it be possible?

Today we had the utter joy that was an almost empty soft play. 

little boy at the top of a slide
I had two – yes two! – lovely cups of tea. Well, it was tea anyway. I’m not sure what they do to the teabags in these places. I also got to indulge in my other current addiction – house magazines! I used to really like those terribly tacky That’s Life! style mags for when I had a minute but recently I’ve realised that they are actually just grief porn and I can’t cope with them. So pretty houses and gardens it is!

cup of tea and a magazine on a table
I linked this picture up in A Slummy Mummy’s new hashtag community on Instagram – #themeinmummy about finding and enjoying a bit of me time. And it got this week’s featured picture! Yay!

I also got this one of the boy looking super cute and really grown up all of a sudden:

little  boy drinking a juice
After the soft play we went to the gym which was a palaver because the pool was on adults only session. I thought it would finish at 1 so had lovely cuddles in the changing room waiting for 1. Only it was til 1.30, so we went in the outside pool which was too cold for the boy. 

So we had to go and shower for 20 minutes waiting for the main pool. Yes I really did that. Honestly. 

Then he played quite happily around the gym with various friends he made for three glorious hours while I watched BVTD on my laptop. Though I had to turn it off when it got a bit rude incase anyone I knew saw me watching it and thought I was a deviant. 

Anyway, Day 2 is done. What will we do tomorrow??

6 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Diary – Day 2

  1. h this really made me giggle at the end about BVTD watching at the pool! Decided on who is the sexiest yet? I so need to put that on my watch list after PLL! Well done on the #meinmummy feature – i didn’t know about that one so will have little look later. Looking forward to more summer holiday updates. If you want to drop R here anytime for a gaming session of minecraft or Pokemon with my boy you must! xx

  2. The half empty soft play its all about timings I can’t deal with ‘high season’ soft play to many unruly for my liking ! And your right what is I twitch the tea in those places it’s like they only have the 1 bag and they use it again and again! going to give BVDT a try sounds just up my street !!!

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