Summer Holidays Days 5&6

If it’s warm and sunny, there’s only one place to head on the Isle of Wight – the beach!

We headed down to Appley to bask in the strange weather – there was no wet stuff falling from the sky, how odd! We played beach games (I watched) and paddled. 

We returned home to quite a few glasses of Rose and some epic games of crib. Yes I am old. 

We thought we would do the same today, but we were foiled by the alarmingly strong winds. I love the beach, but I hate the sand. 

It. Gets. Everywhere. I remember finding sand in my ears as a kid. In October. Today was no different – the second you apply suncream a great gust of wind will coat you in a layer of sand. I could have used one of the kids as an emery board. 

Then you have the agonising second application – who needs a body scrub when you could just go roll on the beach and then try and apply suncream? 

I won’t even mention how we discovered the true meaning behind the word sandwich. Let’s just say there was very little ‘wich’

So we deserted the beach and got the paddling pool out instead. Then there was the puzzle of how to fill it. No hose. Right. Buckets and the food cooler full of water it is then! Work out for free. 

At least it kept the kids happy while we had another game of crib. Turns out we are much better at crib when drunk. Random. 

Rian has also made a new friend – Memoss, the neighbours cat. Very cute. No I don’t have any idea about the name either.
I’m nearly a week down already and I don’t have any grey hairs and I haven’t cried. Not bad, Zilla, not bad…

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