Summer Hols Diary Day 4

We’re all going on a…summer holiday…no more worries for a day or two…

We are on the Isle of Wight, hurray!

Train journey down was interesting, with Rian regaling the train with how he’d been stung. I asked him how, and he said it was in his secret place. 

I could see several people’s ears pick up at this. I knew what he meant, they clearly thought he’d been weeing in the bushes. What he meant was he’d had a run in with a nettle in the park round the corner where he goes with Mark. 

We were all well behaved on the train except for the 10 times an hour queries of when would we be there and how many stops. There was a little boy screaming his head off for a good hour. Now I’m a parent I’m just sympathetic. 

Rian less so. 

We arrived in time for a BBQ, a stroll down the beach, a water fight and making a new friend in the garden. 

Off to the beach tomorrow. It might even be warm enough for a swim with any luck!

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