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I love an interview. I just read a post over at Oh We Do where Cara was answering a set of questions posed by Mum turned Mom. As she then followed up with 11 of her own, I couldn’t resist!

What’s your favourite scent, and what does it remind you of?

Lavender is a favourite, it reminds me of my Nana. I also love the smell of rain on hot summer pavements – it reminds me of school summer holidays. Lots of times a smell will unceremoniously boot me down memory lane, isn’t it weird?

What is your favourite time of day, and why?

Bedtime! My partner puts the boy to bed, and I’m not going to deny loving that downtime on my own whatever I’m doing. 

If you were thrown into the book you are currently reading, where would you be and what would you do?

I would be in a fantasy world, ingesting metal and using it to give me magical powers…it’s better than I make it sound…

Where are you writing this? What can you see?

On my phone, on the sofa. I see rain, and Netflix, and tidying up that needs doing. 

What would you do if you could do anything you wanted for a few days?

Go on a sunny break by myself with a fully loaded kindle. And relaaax. 

What would be your ideal holiday?

A family holiday – all the extended family, friends, somewhere sunny with a splash park and a cocktail bar and a beach. 

Where will you be in five years time?

I can’t think ahead. Never have been able to. (But I *should* be married, in possession of an almost 10 year old & recovering from the trauma of turning 40)

What’s your favourite colour?

Grey to wear, but reds and purples to look at. 

What’s the last thing you watched on telly?

How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix. 

What’s next on your reading list?

Another random fantasy novel my kindle suggests.

What’s the weather like with you?

Windy and wet. I nearly got decapitated by a flying bin lid when I braved the shops earlier. 

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8 thoughts on “11 questions

  1. It’s Branden Sanderson, the new Mistborn Trilogy. If you haven’t read any of his then I am super jealous because you are in for a treat! His back catalogue is enormous and all 5*. He finished the Wheel of Time series…

  2. Ooh, another Netflix recommendation! Thank you. And I’m with you on ‘grey to wear’ but reds and purples to look at. I always think I’ll buy something in red but then it just reminds me of school. Great to learn a little bit more about you 🙂 #TheBabyFormula xx

  3. I’m with you in the sunny break alone with lots of time to read. It takes me ages to get through a book these days! I don’t think I appreciated how much time I had to read pre-baby. #TheBabyFormula

  4. I can see so many toys right now, they’re vaguely tidy but I think we need more toy boxes! I’m intrigued by what your’re reading!!

    Thanks for linking up #thebabyformula x

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