A letter to my boy, at 5.

So, here it is! Your 5th birthday. I’ve managed to keep you going for 5 whole years! 
Currently you are prancing around in front of me playing sword fighting on the Wii. You could well have a future in salsa judging by the hip shaking going on. 

This morning you have eaten cereal, sausages beans and toast, and Nutella on toast. You are ALWAYS hungry. Probably something to do with the incessant growing. I wonder how tall you will be? Daddy and I are both 5″8/9, so you should top that I guess. 

A little about your fourth year. Man you’re a pain in the arse. Don’t get me wrong, I love you madly, but you are the most stubborn, wilful, mercurial child I have ever met. You love me insanely one minute, then tell me I’m the worst mummy alive the next. It’s as funny as it is frustrating. You are so, so competitive. I lose on purpose most of the time because you cry if you do. Or accuse me of cheating!

You’re doing really well at school (where I am told you behave like an angel – typical!) and I’m amazed by how quickly you are picking things up. You guessed what your birthday present was because you saw the label saying ‘Disney’ on the delivery box and knew it must be a Peter Pan costume. Which it was, dammit. 

You currently have a ginormous scrape on your schnozz from a playground incident. I hope it’s the last, I don’t want any more scars on your gorgeous little face – the chicken pox one is quite enough!

What will your 5th year bring us? A few less strops and even more cuddles I hope. 

I love you so much, my little rascal. 

Mummy xxx


Pink Pear Bear
Run Jump Scrap!

8 thoughts on “A letter to my boy, at 5.

  1. Ahhhh, this is lovely! I have a 5 year old now, and she sounds very much like your little dude! They are so full of personality now aren’t they? I’m missing her hugely now she’s at school. But equally, having her home can be very hard work! Mainly because she is so tired from all the learning. Thanks for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

  2. lol this made me laugh! Boys are a bundle of energy for sure. They are busy bees at that age. Hopefully more cuddles will come soon. #thepinklink

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