A Letter To My Boy, At Seven.

My darling boy

Seven! Wow…that seems like a long time. Squishy baby pictures keep popping up on my social media “remember this?” they say, as if I could ever forget. You were such a beautiful baby and you are a beautiful boy too.

I’ve just read the letters I wrote for you at five and six¬†and lots of them still hold true. You’re still a pest, and forever hungry. The full blown strops don’t seem to happen quite as much, but you still love a good cuddle – long may it continue! That said, you’ve really started to change this year. You’ve started to become really interested in things and in the world around you. Top Gear and Extremely Bonkers Fishing are your No.1 favourite things to watch (I made that second one up – I don’t know what it’s called but the guy is mad and you love it)

You’re starting to bridge that gap now, between entirely dependent childhood and starting to want to make choices of your own. You decided you didn’t want to wear ‘baby’ pants anymore and wanted to wear big boy boxers. You wouldn’t wear a onesie we had because you thought it would look silly, which broke my heart a little bit, that you are losing that innocence and becoming aware of what other people think. You also insisted on a much shorter hair cut, which both your Dad and I were sad about. We love your crazy scientist hair!

You’re still enjoying school and loathing homework and you’ve started to enjoy playing computer games – mainly driving ones! No, I don’t know how much a Bugatti Veyron costs and if it’s faster than a ‘Lambo’. You also go to golf every weekend with your Dad, which you love and are very good at. I’m secretly hoping you’ll be winning The Open in 15 years or so and buying me a nice retirement pad in Miami.

We’d just gotten Evie in my last letter – she’s just as annoying as you are both racing around and winding each other up! You do love each other though, even if I haven’t persuaded you yet that you should be Chief Poop Scooper. No chance!

I am looking forward to seeing you grow even more this year, into yourself and into a lovely and kind young man. I’m very proud of you my darling boy.

So much love,


4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Boy, At Seven.

  1. I’ve began writing to my boys when their baby books got full, and I try to write them a letter every year (at least). This post reminds me that I need to get busy on it for this year.

  2. What a sweet photo. I wish when my children were young I had thought to slow down and write them a yearly letter. Someday he will see those letters as a treasure and that is just what they are. Himself through your eyes and heart. Beautiful.

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