A poorly boy

We’re lucky with regards to RJ being a healthy little creature. He’s not one for being poorly – he’s only ever been sick three times in his life (apart from the usual impressive posseting!)

So tonight when I picked him up he wasn’t well. He’d complained of a headache yesterday and this morning, but I put it down to stuffy weather. Mama S said he’d been fine all day, but he was immediately clingy, fell asleep in the car.

We got home & I gave him nurofen for his temperature and he immediately threw up everywhere. Now he’s sleeping it off and seems to be cooling down, but I feel awful for letting him go to the childminder in the first place.

How do parents survive this constant guilt? He’s fast asleep on the sofa now but I can’t stop thinking about why he might be ill, why he was sick, whether I should wake him up or not. Argh!!!

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